The Software Craftsman (Chapters 9 & 10)

Chapter 9 was all about how to recruit good developers; it was a very interesting read. The author explains what is wrong with the recruitment process in most companies and how to fix it.

One of the major issues with recruitment today is that companies recruit developers just by their resumes and keywords in them. They value keywords ( whether a developer has worked is some technology for x years) rather than whether the developer is passionate about development.

It is very hard to judge whether a developer is passionate about development or not. One of the ways that the author judged passion was whether the developer had a gitHub account, had contributed to open source projects, have a twitter account, have a blog, or have spoken at conferences.I totally agree with the ideas in this chapter.

Chapter 10 was about the software developer interview process. The main thing that I learnt from this chapter was that interviewing is like a business negeotiation. The company has needs and problems to solve and the software professional can help the company solve them. The software professional needs to understand the risks and rewards of that negeotiation before signing any contract. The software professional has a reputation and anything that can damage that reputation must be considered a risk.

The rest of the chapter was about how to properly interview a candidate.


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